Palicki Wants Another Shot At Wonder Woman

While the David E. Kelley reboot of Wonder Woman didn’t make it to air, actress Adrienne Palicki says she’d like another chance to play the super hero.

“Maybe I’ll get to [play the character] again, in a bigger arena. Who knows?” she says.

Palicki says she was a bit sad to see NBC pass on the pilot for the new series.

“I was devastated. Believe me, I was inconsolable for a good two months,” she said of the failed NBC pilot.  “And then, I had to realise that I had a Wonder Woman costume fitted for my body. I got to play that part on film. Not many people get to say that, and that’s cool.”

So, would you still like to see Palicki as Wonder Woman if and when a new series or movie comes along?


  1. tensaibaka says

    You know who would make a good Wonder Woman in my opinion?

    Sarah Lancaster, or as most people recognize her, Ellie (Chuck’s sister) from Chuck.

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