Pratchett Reveals How DiscWorld Will Continue

Sir Terry Pratchett’s best-selling and iconic DiscWorld series will continue even after Pratchett is no longer with us.

Pratchett reveals that after he passes away or he can no longer write the novels due to his health, his daughter Rihanna will be in charge of the future of his world.

“The Discworld is safe in my daughter’s hands,” Pratchett said, and journalist Laurie Penny, who conducted the interview, noted that the author seemed “happy” to think that his daughter would continue writing the series when he’s gone.

Pratchett was diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s known as posterior cortical atrophy five years ago, and since then he’s lost much of the dexterity in his hands. He wrote his last four books using dictation software, and relies on his loyal assistant Rob Wilkins (who literally saved the author’s life by applying CPR when Pratchett collapsed in a New York City taxi earlier this year) to help the writing process along.

Meanwhile, Rihanna Pratchett’s already making her own contributions to Discworld. She’s been hired as one of the writers for the new BBC Discworld-based series The Watch, which will continue the popular Discworld “City Watch” saga where the books left off.

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