“Walking Dead” First Issues Sells for $10,000

The Walking Dead continues to grow in popularity–both on TV and in the original comic book form.

A copy of The Walking DeadNo. 1 sold on eBay Wednesday for $10,100.

The copy earned a 9.9 out of 10 mint rating from CGC, the benchmark comic’s appraisal service.

“This is an investment as The Walking Dead is now a permanent part of our pop culture and continues to grow in popularity,” touts the comic’seBay description from the seller, FlyersComics.

The seller could be right about the “investment” part. A 9.9 copy of The Walking Dead No. 1 sold for $7,000 in March. A year earlier, an identically graded copy went for what now seems like bargain, just $2,500.

The zombie series from Image Comics debuted to low sales in October 2003, with reportedly just 7,300 copies printed, a small number that could help account for its high value today

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