Gabel Joins “Arrow”

While actor Seth Gabel is no longer a regular on Fringe, that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing him again in another genre series.

Gabel has signed on for a guest role on the CW’s hit series Arrow. ¬†Gabel will reportedly play Arrow’s nemesis Vertigo later this season.

However, the character won’t go by his comic book moniker.¬†That will actually be the street name for a new drug that’s being smuggled into the city. Also, his aesthetic is totally different. He’s not a count, but a “truly scary and nightmarish” adversary. He’ll be one of Oliver’s deadliest rivals to date.


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    I’m truly happy that Seth is getting a chance to appear on this show. You can tell a show’s popularity by the guests who appear on it, and just coming off of a successful run on Fringe I find it very positive that Seth will add his talents to the series.

    What I’m uncertain about is the whole “Vertigo” thing. I don’t mind when TV shows veer off from their source material, but sometimes when they go too far it can lead to jumping the shark, and that’s not something I want to see happen here. I only hope it’s presented in a way that doesn’t alienate the comic book fanbase too much!

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