“Blade Runner: The 30th Anniversary Collection” — A Slice of SciFi Blu Ray Review

Of the myriad of great films released during the summer of ’82, many would argue that the most influential was one of the biggest commercial flops–Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.

The film didn’t do well at the box-office, but found a second life on cable and home video.  In the thirty years since its initial release, the film’s stature has grown to where it’s not only a dividing line for science fiction movies, but movies as a whole.

Blade Runner also has the distinction of having more cuts of the film available to audiences than any other.  After fans lobbied for years for a director’s cut, the past two decades have seen a final cut and the release of test screening cut on DVD and now Blu-Ray.  The four-disc 30th anniversary edition of the movie collects the original cut (complete with the original, audience polarizing voice overs), the director’s cut, a work print cut and the final cut of the film.  There’s also a documentary detailing the making of the film and its reception over the past 30 year.

If you’ve already got the five-disc set that hit shelves with the Final Cut was released a few years ago, you’ve already got this set.  The deluxe edition provided for review includes a book with photos from the film and its production (which is included with the standard release as well) and a model of the car used in the film.

As with the five-disc set, the selling point of this set is that it’s got all the cuts of the film in one set, allowing you to choose which one you want to see.  Or if you’re a student of film, it’s a fascinating look at the evolution of one of the best films to ever come out of the Hollywood system.

Blade Runner is a superb film, one that gets better each time I see it (even the original cut).

If you haven’t picked it up yet for your Blu-Ray collection, this is an affordable set that is a must have for any genre fan.

And thanks to the kind folks at Warner Brothers, we’ve got a copy of this set to give away. Watch the site and our social media outlets for details on how to win.


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