Slice of SciFi: Online and Operational Again

The past week has been a strange ride for us here at Slice of SciFi.

Several unrelated technical glitches hit all at the same time, and were compounded by several other services we rely on being affected by the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Suffice to say, is online, the audio show is listed in iTunes and updating, is operational, and the only update that might still be affected is the video show in iTunes. announced it was still having some data center issues due to the storm, so there may still be some lingering affects to downloading video from the iTunes feed and video playback on the website.

Slice of SciFi is up and running again, and we have some changes in store for you!

Now, to make sure everyone can still get their Slice, and keep getting it however you want going forward, here are the current links:

RSS (for non-iTunes players):

RSS (for non-iTunes players):

And now, some news that might make a lot of the Slice of SciFi audience happier, based on the feedback from our previous survey:

Now you can choose to read Slice of SciFi, either in full article format, or continue reading the article excerpts!

Slice of SciFi News (full RSS):
Slice of SciFi News Flash (excerpts RSS):
Slice of SciFi TV (excerpts RSS, no video):

Since the main feed will be switching over to full articles, everyone who wanted to keep getting the excerpts will need to switch over to the News Flash feed.

The full news feed switch will likely get turned on sometime later today, definitely by the weekend, so make your RSS adjustments accordingly. And as always, if you have any questions, just ask Summer… here in comments, via email, or even via Twitter at @sliceofscifi or @SliceofSciFiTV

Thanks for your patience during this bumpier expected ride of late, and keeping watching and listening to Slice of SciFi!


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