“Revolution” Going Dark

NBC apparently hasn’t learned any lessons from Heroes or em>The Event.

With Revolution being one of the only hits the network has had it years, NBC believes that fans will come back to the show, even if it takes a few months off.

Revolution will be benched in January so NBC can launch another new series in its timeslot.  It will then come back in late March to conclude it’s first season run.

NBC did the same thing with Heroes in its first season and The Event. Both of those shows never quite recovered their momentum out of the hiatus.



  1. Dan Vzare says

    Oh come on, Heroes was brilliant. The problem with Heroes was the finale of the first season and the subsequent stupidity that followed. Why? you may ask, well that’s because of the paradox. They shouldn’t have changed time, there should have been a foreseeable end. You don’t tease future episodes just so they CAN’T HAPPEN.

    “Save the cheerleader, save the world!”
    That didn’t mean f@&k all after they changed time.

  2. Mark F. says

    Not a good idea in my opinion. Although I’ve stuck with it for every episode, it’s not a show that I feel very strongly about. I like the story enough, but I really don’t care much about the characters. I’m likely to forget about it while it’s on hiatus and never come back to it once it returns. As an aside, there’s a scene near the end of the most recent episode involving a gun that was completely busted by The Mythbusters some time ago. It completely took me out of the show. Stupid, lazy writing.

    • says

      I agree, I will probably forget to pick it back up when it resumes. That said I’ll leave the TiVO season pass. that will help me remember.

      As to the gun bit, I haven’t had time to watch this one yet. But seriously if the fact The Mythbusters have busted a piece of movie physics or such knocks you out of the experience you are going to have a lot of jarring. Writers still use the known impossible regularly.

      • Mark F. says

        Laith – Normally I’d agree with you (with respect to the gun scene). I’m usually pretty forgiving about this kind of stuff. Once you see it, maybe you’ll understand why I found it so jarring.

  3. says

    Bad science, flawed continuity and logic, shallow characters.
    I passed on this after three episodes; can’t see where a couple of months hiatus will improve it.

  4. Loki says

    I refuse to buy into this NBC series now. NBC really doesn’t support these half-baked SyFy shows too well. Revolution even started in a 10pm slot! The series is weak at best. If electricity in in appliances, cars, phones, watches, etc was hijacked, imagine what our human electrical systems would do! This ones gonna go bye bye, and soon!

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