Mulgrew: There Are Only Two “Trek” Captains

Kate Mulgrew is stirring up the Trek fans with comments about how her character of Katherine Janeway and Patrick Stewart’s character of Captain Jean-Luc Picard are the only two true captains in the Star Trek universe.

The rationalization for this–those two were the only ones “lost in space” and who captained their ships for seven seasons.

“Well, there are only two captains who were lost in space who did seven years, okay? Deep Space Nine was a space station. Shatner only did three seasons. [Scott] Bakula was cancelled after four,” she tells Splitsider.

Mulgrew was reminded that Benjamin Sisko was a commander for the first two years DS9 was on the air, which she says supports her theory.

“That’s what I’m saying, it was a space station. He wasn’t in space, lost in space. Patrick Stewart and I — Picard and Janeway — were the only two intrepid, lost-in-space captains. I really think that’s true, right?” she added.

Do you agree with Mulgrew?  Or does she need a quick Vulcan nerve pinch?


  1. Lejon from Chandler says

    She’s really grasping at straws there. Captain is a Starfleet rank. It has nothing to do with being lost in space. If all the “Captains” in Starfleet fell into the “lost in space” category, the organization would come to an abrupt end pretty quickly.

    Perhaps she means that Janeway and Picard were the only two captains Worthy of the title. If that’s the case, well I can agree with Picard.

  2. Guardian says

    Considering that Picard was never actually “lost in space”, then perhaps what she really means is that SHE was the only “worthy” captain.

    How pitiful that when a once famous actor becomes obsolete, their true color is revealed.

    Shame on you, Mulgrew.

  3. Dan Vzare says

    If you own/owned a ship, you’re a captain for life. That’s my philosophy, and I’m sticking to it for both space and ocean ships.

  4. Jayson says

    A few things come to mind:

    1. William Shatter may have only done three seasons of the series but he went on to voice the animated series and seven Star Trek films.

    2. As Guardian pointed out Picard was never “lost” in space. Unlike Captain Insaneway he didn’t get his crew stranded in another part of the galaxy (not for very long anyway)

    3. Commander then Captain Sisko became a god so chew on that you harpy!

  5. Bruce says

    That’s just mean! I’ll agree with her on Sisko (I always thought he was the weakest character in DS9), but Kirk and Archer definitely deserve to sit at the captain’s table.

  6. Frank from West Virginia says

    First nit-picky: It’s Kathryn Janeway not Katherine Janeway. My youngest daughter is named Kathryn after Ms. Mulgrew’s character, who (if you’re old enough to recall) was the first female character who was unquestionably in charge, and still a woman. Up to that point, women were only in charge at the implied consent of the men around them.

    Second: I really like Voyager. The problems I have with the show were the producers decison to make it old-fashioned, all the characters at the same spot at the end of the episode as the beginning, limited character progression. Imagine if they could have run like Deep Space 9 and have one episode inform all the ones after.

    So (in best whiney, internet voice) just leave Janeway alone 😉

    • AndyMac says

      I agree with almost everything you said but if Kate Mulgrew is going to say that Janeway and Picard are the only “true captains” then we shouldn’t “leave Janeway” alone.

      It’s a silly statement. Picard was never “lost in space”- not for more than an episode or two anyway.

      And why does one need to be “lost in space” to be a captain anyway?

  7. Sybok says

    Um, Kirk may have done only 3 television seasons, due to network stupidity. But then there were two seasons of animated episodes and six theatrical movies. He was still going strong in Star Trek Generations almost 30 years later. Think Captain Janeway will be around that long? 😛

  8. Hil says

    I always subscribed to the “baldest” rule. The less hair they had the better the captain. Sisko became a badass when he lost the hair. Kirk might have been hiding hair issues, but those same issues keep him higher on my list. Janeway had a lot of hair. She was flat out least favorite. It’s almost scientific.

  9. says

    Her argument that her and Picard were also lost in space is rubbish. The Enterprise D was NEVER lost in space, and technically neither was Voyager. Once they had their bearings (which occurred by the end of the pilot) they started on their way back. They were not really lost. They were just REEEEEALLLY far away and had a long way to go. Besides, after a time they were able to establish contact with Starfleet Command and were even given mission orders from time to time. So no, they weren’t lost. Sorry Kate, but you got this one wrong.

    This then leaves it to the 7 year rule. Really? Is that the criteria for being considered a starship Captain in Trek lore? What about the fact that it was the movies (with a certain commanding officer named Kirk sitting in the Captain’s chair) that proved to Paramount that the franchise still had enough breath in it to prompt the studio execs to bring the series back to TV? This tells me that without a certain “Captain” Kirk around that the exploits of the starship Voyager wold probably have never been told.

    Methinks you need to reconsider your words Kate. Not only have you said something which has gotten Trek fans into a lather, it is also HIGHLY inaccurate!!!

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