Under the Radar Genre Dramedy Wraps

Have you heard about Space Station 76, a sci-fi dramatic comedy?

If not, you’re not alone.  The project has been an under the radar one in Hollywood that just wrapped up production.  The movie stars Liv Tyler, Matt Bomer, Patrick Wilson and Marisa Coughlan and was directed by John Plotnick.

Described as being set in a 1970s version of the future, the film centers on the goings-on in a space station. Tyler plays a new assistant captain whose arrival causes tension amongst the crew while Wilson is the bitter and suicidal captain. Bomer is a technician with a robotic hand who is married to a manipulative woman (Coughlan).

Also in the cast are Jerry O’Connell, Kali Rocha and newcomer Kylie Rogers.

Plotnick is an actor who has quietly made a name for himself as a playwright and as an acting coach. The script originated as a play he and some other actors co-wrote. He was trying to use the space station as a metaphor for his life growing up in 1970s suburbia.

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