Fuller: Fans Will Want More “Mockingbird Lane”

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We brought you the story last week that NBC has decided to burn off the Mockingbird Lane pilot later this month as a Halloween special.

It’s set to air October 26 before a new episode of Grimm and producer Bryan Fuller is so confident that fans will like it, he predicts that they’ll demand more once it airs.

“If we get a huge number, all the cast are in line to be picked up and to go to series,” Fuller said. “And that was one of the things that NBC wanted to make sure, that they had all of the cast deals in line — so that if we did get a big number and audiences proved their appetite for this type of show, that they could move very quickly.”

The contracts for the principle players involved won’t expire until July of next year, so if the show does well, NBC could decide to move forward with it.

My fantasy of the show getting out there is people say, ‘Wow, this is one of the best NBC pilots of the fall, and it’s great that it’s airing and everyone should take a peek at it,’” Fuller said. “It’s gorgeous, every frame is sumptuous. You get to have these really interesting actors coming in and taking their spins on these classic characters. I love the original Munsters and didn’t want to step on it in any way of putting people in Frankenstein makeup and Dracula makeup. So we went our own direction.”

Sounds like we should make plans to tune in and see if Fuller is right.


  1. Sean From Edwards says:

    Watched the preview, it looks like it might be fun, but why is Herman a Mac?

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