Spider-Man Going Dark

Get ready for some major changes to the Amazing Spider-Man.

For one thing, he won’t be Amazing anymore.  As Marvel publishes the 700th issue of Amazing Spider-Man in December, that series will come to a close and be replaced with Superior Spider-Man in January.   The move is part of Marvel’s new “Marvel NOW!” initiative.

And the series will feature a darker version of Spider-Man that may or may not have Peter Parker under the mask.

Writer Dan Slott tells USA Today that the term “friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man” won’t necessarily apply to this new take on the popular Marvel icon.

“I’ve always been the omniscient hand that’s been protecting Peter Parker and Spider-Man, and not letting anything too bad happen to him,” he adds. “And now I’ve become this cruel god. There’s something exciting about that, about going, ‘Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha, here is what’s going to happen to you, Spider-Man!’ And it’s drastic and it’s big and it’s exciting and it’s never been done before.”

Slott says this storyline is being set up in the current comics and will play out in the final Amazing installment later this year.

In addition, Spidey will get a costume revamp, according to artist Ryan Stegman.  The changes are being made to make Spidey look more intimidating Stegman says and will tie into personality changes in the hero.

“His belt looks a little different, and there’s points at the end of his glove that add a little aggressiveness to his costume,” Stegman says.



  1. says

    “Superior Spider-Man”?

    Just what we need: a super hero with doctorate in Folk Music who expounds endlessly on the evils of Corporate Greed on his blog via an iPad while sipping his Starbucks (no, not the one across the street; the one on this side!) Free Trade Half-Caf Half-Soy Grande Free Range Macchiato and wondering where he can get a hand-woven hemp costume that doesn’t use synthetic dyes.

    I can barely hold back my excitement.

  2. says

    I would be much happier if they just blew up the world around him and show us how he handles it. Spidey has always been of strong inner character and watching his growth and strength in the face of utter disaster is what make Spiderman, the AMAZING Spiderman.
    I am a serious fan of dark themes, but turning Spidey into a dark hero does not excite me.
    I will keep an eye on this one.

    • says

      Other heroes can go dark…but I just can’t see Spidey as dark. He faces a lot of dark stuff, but it’s how he refuses to give into that that defines him. At least for this fan.

      Maybe I’m too old and should stop yelling at all the kids to get off my lawn….

  3. says

    Hate the title, hate the concept. Spidey’s life has never been easy and has had some dark tones to it, but he’s not a dark character and I don’t think the character lends itself to that kind of gritty realism. Spidey is our fantasy, the regular guy who woke up with super-powers that really complicate things for him. He’s been web-slinging and cracking wise for nearly fifty years and while I think that some comics could use a make-over this isn’t one of them.

  4. John W. says

    Sigh…. Superior?!? WTF man. Amazing = Superior, Superior = Inferior.

    Seriously though, superior is such an arrogant title especially when Spiderman’s origins involve being humbled when his arrogance gets uncle Ben killed.

    Also, please if they’re going to change things don’t let this Spiderman be Peter Parker. At least then I can say that ain’t Spiderman. It’s just some dude dressed up and calling himself that.

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