Will Rowling’s New Book Get a Movie Adaptation?

While J.K. Rowling’s first non-Harry Potter novel has done well at the bookstore, Hollywood isn’t certain yet if they will adapt The Casual Vacancy for the silver screen.

Since its release Sept. 27, nary a studio has nibbled at Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy, her first tome aimed at adults, which chronicles the quaint English town of Pagford’s unraveling following the death of a popular town councilman. U.K. tabloid the Sunday Expressreported that a $1.6 million deal with Warner Bros. — the studio behind the eight-film Harry Potter franchise — is imminent.

But a Warners source calls the story “100 percent fabrication,” and a Rowling insider stresses that “no discussions have taken place regarding film rights for The Casual Vacancy at this time.” Although the Rowling source insists there has been significant interest in the book, studios weren’t allowed to preview the book in advance of its release (as is typical for hot new titles), and reviews so far have been mixed.

The novel has divided critics and fans since its release.

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