Slice of SciFi 502: Joss Whedon’s Fish and Chips

Today’s Slice of SciFi news tidbits: Slice is back! The Munsters might endure “mocking” birds, Michael O’Hare of Babylon 5 has passed, Manimal remains a fine classic bit of Lit, Joss Whedon gets down to business over fish & chips, Sani-Thanos gets cosmic, The Strain ain’t struggling no more, Walking Dead is a step away from a 4th, Geek Moment: Flutes and Klingons, New TV show alert for Last Resort, Revolution, Alphas, and Warehouse 13.

Con Report: Fearcon 5, October 13, Phoenix AZ. Can’t make the main event? Then check out their overflow screenings on November 11: Bonus Overflow Splatter Show

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