Which Board Games Actually WOULD Make an Entertaining Hollywood Project?

Making movies out of board games seems to be all the chatter again, with Monopoly and now Hungry Hungry Hippos being at the top of the list again.

You’d think they’d have learned something from Battleship, though.

So what board games do you think could be turned into an entertaining movie project?

And technically, Clue, Mouse Trap have already been made into films (and a stage play), but there could always be a remake lurking in someone’s mind…

Here’s a list to play with for now, and you can pick up to three games. Let us know, let Hollywood know, or just vent about why someone thinks a board game could make a good movie.

And yes, there are too many board games out there to list, even ones not owned by Hasbro (and it’s subsidiaries, Milton-Bradley and Parker Bros), and maybe there’s a game out there that could make it work.

So if there’s one that you really think could make a good movie, for Pete’s sake, don’t tell US — write the screenplay yourself, sell to Hollywood and maybe send Slice of SciFi a small finder’s fee when you get paid the big bucks!

Which Board Games Actually WOULD Make an Entertaining Hollywood Project?

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  1. Bill says

    “Dark Tower” by Milton Bradley. Traverse kingdoms collecting gold and being attacked by dragons, suffering starvation and disease with a final epic storm of the tower. Couldn’t be worse that hungry hippos, depending on who directs it.

    • says

      This is how my brain works: I see Kurt’s comment, and I immediately think of Plants vs Zombies as a movie. That makes me think of Swamp Thing, which causes me to remember that they’re remaking Creature from the Black Lagoon, and that makes me start to wonder what a Black Lagoon-Night of the Living Dead mashup might look like, since I don’t think they could get clearance to make a Swamp Thing-Night of the Living Dead mashup.

      No, I don’t know why it does that. Heh.

  2. Sean From Edwards says

    Risk, simple reason, it’s a war movie focused more on the strategists than the warfighters, it might be pretty interesting. Or you could take it a diffrent direction of a massive world war between two multi-national superpowers vieing for world domination. Think two bond villians manipulating everything in a giant game of risk, that might be cool

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