Who Does Palicki Blame For “Wonder Woman” Not Getting Picked Up?

As the CW attempts to bring Wonder Woman back to television, one of the players from the last (failed) attempt to bring the Amazon princess to our screens is speaking out.

Adrianne Palicki was cast in the pilot for David E. Kelly’s re-imagined take on the character. NBC eventually passed on the series and the pilot was circulating on-line for a while.

Palicki says that she thinks “politics” were involved in the pilot not being picked up as a series.

“It was shocking. There were obviously politics involved. It had gotten picked up as far as I knew so when we got that call it was incredibly shocking. We were set up to go to Jimmy Kimmel and everything else so it was a real shock. It was hard to take at first,” she tells Crave Online.

The lack of a pick-up doesn’t mean she’s not proud of the work done on the pilot.

“I’m incredibly proud of that project. I was so grateful to get to play Wonder Woman. That was a childhood dream of mine and I’m proud of the outcome. I do wish it would have gone to series but everything happens for a reason. Looking at it as a positive, I got to work with some amazing actors, [an] amazing writer and I got to wear the outfit. It was not comfortable but it was totally worth it,” she added.


  1. Gwen H says

    I read the article and I still don’t know who Palicki blamed! I gather she thought it was political (whatever that means) and that everything happens for a reason.

    I remember when the first look of Palicki in the Wonder Woman outfit was published. I’m afraid I didn’t think much of it, as it looked more like a stripper pretend Wonder Woman costume to me. I actually took the time to photoshop a tweeked version of the costume that I thought still looked sexy but less falling out. I do remember a lot of discussion on the internet about the outfit.

    For me to even take notice of the aborted effort says something about the viability of a future Wonder Woman tv show, as I am not generally interested in superhero stuff in the slightest. What it says, I’m not sure, but it says something.

  2. Mich67 says

    Have to agree with Gwen on the outfit…it was horrible and if that was an indication of the rest of the pilot maybe it was a good thing it was dropped.

  3. says

    So Palicki,is blaming politics on the reason why Wonder Woman did not get picked up by the network? like Gwen said, whatever that means,and it was not politics that had anything to do with it,it was the costume,the script,the actress,who can not act,and do not even get me started on the so called invisble plane. I have read,and watched Wonder Woman,and have to say,it was going to flop big time. Seriously,wonder woman had only 2 IDS,not 3,that alone,was confusing enough,everytime she talked,you really do not know who it was,was it Diana Prince,Diana Thymiscara,or was it wonder woman? When Lynda Carter did Wonder Woman back in the 70’s, at least you knew what role she was playing,this palicki person,really had no clue,and the jet that palicki had,it looked like some sort of UFO,planes do not look like UFOS,they look like real planes. The only thing on palicki that i liked was the braclets,that is about the only thing,the costumes,there were suppose to be 3? it did not really matter,which one she wore,palicki did not look the part,or act the part of wonder woman,and if she was honest with herself,it was not politics,that made wonder woman,it was the writers,costume designer,networks,and of course the actors. So palicki,stop using politics as the reason why wonder woman did not make it to the small screen,and take a good hard look at the reason why it did not make it.IT SUCKED!!!!!!!

  4. Kurt in St. George says

    Its obvious what Palicki meant when she blamed politics for killing the new Wonder Woman. The show’s writers left for the better paying gig of writing political TV commercials for Obama and Romney.

    Damn you Presidential election! You destroyed a promising reboot of a great franchise(except for the ridiculous outfit of course).

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