Weather Predicting Toaster

Looking for a way to save a bit of time in the morning?

How about getting the weather forecast from your toaster?

The new Jamy, invented by  Nathan Brunstein, is a toaster that prints the day’s weather forecast on your toast.   According to the device’s web site, the toaster logs into your wireless Internet and retrieves the weather for the day.  Pop in a slice of bread or a Pop Tart and a few minutes later you have a quick and easy breakfast and the forecast for the day.

The toaster comes in a variety of colors that look a lot like those used by certain Mac products.

No word yet on how much a weather forecasting toaster goes for or when you can purchase one.



  1. Dan Vzare says

    As stupid as this is, I actually think it’s kinda cute or cool (depending on your gender) I wouldn’t exactly get one, because I wouldn’t want burnt parts on my toast, and besides, the weather forecasts are almost always wrong.

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