“Walking Dead” Season Four Will Happen

While season three has yet to air, AMC is apparently feeling good about the zombies on The Walking Dead.

A fourth season has been unofficially announced by a new marketing campaign for a blood drive by the American Red Cross.

“Just because the walkers are mindless flesh-eaters doesn’t mean you have to be so inconsiderate. AMC and The Walking Dead are joining forces with the American Red Cross for a nationwide blood drive that, aside from being a great way to show your humanity, also might win you a 3-day, 2-night trip to the Season 4 production of The Walking Dead in 2013,” says the promotional material.

Is that good news for fans?


  1. Christopher Young says

    I agree…this DISH thing is so stupid. I’m really verging on switching to something else (as soon as I catch up on everything saved in my DVR – just hoping they resolve things before then!)

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