Rice Bringing Back Lestat?

Could Anne Rice be readying for a return visit by her vampire creation Lestat?

Rice recently asked her Facebook followers to answer this question– “If you want Lestat to come back, can you tell me why in one sentence?”

The post garnered 8100 replies.  Rice then posted another question for her followers  with another very short and cryptic post, saying: “In one sentence, what one thing do you NOT like about Lestat?”

While we can’t say this means that Rice is ready to open the book again on Lestat, it could be setting the plate for a new vampire novel.




  1. H Prentiss says

    I guess after all those religious titles she was trying to sell, she needs to build up her retirement! One “Lestat” book will outsell her whole religious catalog. I liked the first few “Lestat” books, but the latter ones kind of sucked, along with those Witch books.

  2. Joejoesan says

    Let him stay dead, please. I’ve never been more disappointed than by reading Lestat’s last adventure, which managed to destroy the great memories of both Rice’s vampire and witches novels.

  3. Mich67 says

    Agree with H Prentiss…I remember reading the Lestat books but the only one I can really remember the details to was Interview with a Vampire…the rest were forgettable.

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