Which New Fall Series Are You Looking Forward to Watching?

So what brand new fall genre series are you looking forward to watching this September? You can pick up to 4 of the ones listed…

What New Fall Series are you Looking Forward to Watching?

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Did we miss any? Mention it here in comments, or call in a voicemail! 206-339-8735

Next up, we’ll ask about returning genre favorites, as well as winter premieres and projected mid-season replacements!


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    I have seen the pilot for Revolution — Meh. Most looking forward to Arrow (just ot see which direction they take the character) & Elementary since Miller is one of my favorite actors.

    • says

      And this is where the argument between science fiction and alternate history begins :)

      I looked at that one for a little while over the weekend, and I couldn’t convince myself that it was scifi. But it falls in that grey area that Person of Interest and also Eleventh Hour inhabit.

      Maybe after it airs and someone could give us a synopsis of it?

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