“Trek” Sequels Gets A Title

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While we don’t have official confirmation on who the villain is in the upcoming Star Trek sequel, we can tell you the film’s official (for now) title.

Are you ready for this?

It’s Star Trek Into Darkness.

No colon between Star Trek and Into Darkness either.

Paramount hasn’t officially announced the title yet, but they have registered several domain names with that title.  So, odds are that’s the official name for the film.

Are you as puzzled and perplexed by the title as we are?


  1. Too early to get perplexed. Just have to wait & see what it’s really all about. I do have faith in Abrams & Orci to stay true to the franchise.

  2. Make fun of me for saying this all you want, but I was an English major in college, I can’t help it. Where’s the f—ing colon?!

    • Technically, the title does not require a colon because Trek is a verb. It’s like if I were to say, “I’m going to trek into the woods for firewood.” Although it should probably be titled, “To Star Trek into Darkness”

  3. Since this rumor is based on the registration of domain names and since domain names can’t have a colon, how is it possible to say that the name is

    Star Trek Into Darkness (without a colon)

    if no official word has come out from Paramount?

  4. I’m guessing it may have to do with the mirror universe.

  5. Seems odd to me.

    and I wondered the same thing as AndyMac about the colon.

  6. Maybe Shatner is back. The Enterprise is shrunk in order to fly up an an elderly Kirk’s a** (a trek into darkness) and perform a colonectomy, i.e. no colon in the name. Yep, that must be the answer, has to be.

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