Anderson Teases Third “X-Files” Movie

Could The X-Files open on the silver screen for a third time?

It’s possible.

Actress Gillian Anderson says she’s met with series creator Chris Carter and that she’s in for reprising her role as Agent Dana Scully.

“I met with [series creator Chris Carter] before coming here and it’s looking pretty good,” she told a recent convention.

Whether or not this means we’ll get a third movie remains to be seen.  But it’s room to hope.


  1. Mal says

    Lets see…. The last one was about mad Russian Doctors transplanting heads – I know this time the dead will rise and start voting Republican !

    • Kurt says

      Yes, but if the dead who rise are all from the 19th century they might vote Whig party. Wait, we might get a third party that way. No, its a bad idea, social security payments for the dead would break the system though it wouldn’t add anything more to medicare costs.

  2. Kurt says

    I remember studying a concept in economics called marginal revenue and the marginal revenue curve. It is the idea that the production of one more unit of any product should be carried out as long as the marginal revenue of selling this one item outweighs the marginal cost of producing one more item. In simpler terms, it tells us that any product should be continued until we can squeeze the very last dollar of profit out of it. (There’s a lot more, but that’s the short version.)

    Now you know why movie franchises which should have been put to bed ages ago keep getting one more shot. Chris Carter; and possibly others, think they can squeeze a few more profit dollars out of old formula.

    That said, if the third X-Files movie gets made, I hope its better than the last one. I still have fond memories of original show and would like to see its movie franchise go out on a high note.

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