Who Does Smith Want Back for the 50th Anniversary?

For fifty years, the Doctor has traveled alongside the likes of Ian, Barbara, Susan, Romana, K-9, The Brigadier and  Sarah Jane Smith (just to name a few).  But which companion does actor Matt Smith think should come back for the 50th anniversary season?

Disappointingly, it’s Rose Tyler.

Smith says that he’d love to see the first new series companion come back to celebrate 50 years of the long-running show.

“If I wanted a companion from the past I would say Rose because I am good friends with Billie [Piper],” Smith says.

Smith shared screen time with Piper on The Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Honestly, I hope they don’t bring Rose back–ever.   She was a good companion in the first series back, but she quickly wore out her welcome in the first Tennant season.  And the fact that her ghost hung over the show for the entire RTD era got really old, really fast.

With a long, rich history for Doctor Who, I’d hope we’d get to see some classic series companions back for the 50th anniversary, if we get any at all.  Let’s use them before they’re tragically no longer with us.

May I suggest we bring back Peri?



  1. says

    Rose Tyler is a TERRIBLE idea!!! If they want to bring someone back special for the 50th it really does need to be a regenerated Susan, or possibly even a regenerated Romana, although it’s a safe bet she probably died during the Time War.

  2. Robbie Doiron says

    sorry for replying after so long, but Peri? PERI?!?! ok, i know Rose grated on a lot of people’s nerves, but Peri was by far the worse companion. i know they decided to add her to show a little sex appeal, and she did ok with that, but as a companion she was outright terrible, and was the biggest reason the 6th doctor was so hated (second biggest reason was the costume) everything she said sounded whiny, and the way she acted made it seem like she was constantly expecting the doctor to hit her, every second.

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