Liefield Quits D.C.

Artist Rob Liefeld says that while he believes in what D.C. is doing with the “New 52,” he’s no longer willing to be part of the team.

Leifeld turned in his resignation from the comic book company yesterday.  He posted the news on Twitter, saying that he “Officially got off the DC52 treadmill this morning…” in order to “preserve my own sanity.”

Liefeld is the co-creator of Deadpool and creator of X-Force at Marvel and had gone over to D.C. where he worked on penciling, writing and plotting several titles for the New 52 reboot.  He said that while he’s thrown in the towel a couple of times in the past year, this time the resignation will stick.

He made it clear that his final work on The Savage HawkmanGrifter and Deathstroke will be in the #0 issues DC will publish next month. He was previously working on Hawk and Dove for the company before that book was canceled earlier this year.

You can read what Liefeld says on his Twitter feed. 

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