Support Your Local “Pawn of the Dead”

If your idea of fun runs towards the snarky and the macabre, then this could be the webseries you’ve been waiting for!

Shot in the style of a cable docu-series, “Pawn of the Dead” is a horror/comedy parody webseries following the exploits of Austin Crowley and the staff at NecronomiPawn, a pawn shop specializing in magical, satanic, and occult paraphernalia. Each episode satirizes popular tropes and conventions of the horror genre as Austin and his team bargain with demonic buyers and sellers, attempting to eek out a living without surrendering their souls to the Dark Lord of the Underworld.

Go behind the scenes and learn more about the NecronomiPawn Shop:

In order to continue the series, they need funding, and they need your help to get there. Please visit their Kickstarter link, and support “Pawn of the Dead”:

If you can’t pledge anything right now, but you enjoyed what you’ve seen so far, help spread the word! Tell your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus about it and ask them to pledge or spread the word!

Necronomipawn: @necronomipawn | Facebook | Google Plus

For more information about the series, and to find out more ways how you can help, visit Pawn of the Dead

And Stay Tuned this week to Slice of SciFi, where Mike and Brian chat with Russ Johnson, creator and writer of “Pawn of the Dead”!

Official Trailer:
Website: Pawn of the Dead: Evil… the Pawn Shop

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