Slice of SciFi #489: Sasha Roiz and Nir Paniry on “Extracted”

Slice of SciFi #489: Sasha Roiz and Nir Paniry on “Extracted”

Today’s Slice of SciFi news minutes: World War Z happens all the time, Terra Nova tosses Pink Slips, Alan Moore and the Watchmen are… different, Why some Actors can’t wait to Die, Reboot your Brain with Hugo 3D, Multiverse News, Extracted with Sasha Roiz, Flight Test Land, AMC visits Area 51 and found aliens, Booster Gold is coming — bad title and all!

Interview: This week, Sasha Roiz returns with writer/director Nir Paniry to talk about their indie feature, Extracted, that’s been generating a lot of buzz on the film festival circuit.

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