“Idiocracy” Sequel Coming

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The cult hit Idiocracy wasn’t a huge hit at the box-office but it’s found an audience on DVD and cable. And that audience is big enough and passionate enough that a sequel could be on the way.

According to Movieline,  Terry Crews, who played U.S. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho will reprise that role for a sequel.

Crew says that a series of viral videos to gauge interest are on the way and if the audience responds, a sequel could be the next move.

“Me and Mike [Judge] are talking right now with Fox about some Camacho stuff. We literally met with Fox a week ago. It’s so cool,” he says. “We’re going to see what it becomes, but we got approval from Fox to do some stuff. We’re going to start off on the internet and do some small interstitials with Camacho.”

So, do you think this is a good idea or should the original stand alone?


  1. The original stood on its own.

    There must be something “meta” going on. To make sequels and reboots instead of promoting new ideas in film making is evidence of the coming idiocracy.

  2. Jayson C says:

    What needs to happen first is that “Idiocracy” needs to be re-leased in theatres unlike the first time around. Actually, the first time around it was in about a dozen theatres and quickly pulled. There were no one sheets made and not even a trailer. Basically, Fox did their best to kill this thing. So I’m hoping more than a sequel the first movie gets the star treatment it deserved in the first place.

  3. Yes, I think a sequel Would be hilarious. When I watched it on cable I thought for sure they would make one after the last scene when UPGRADDE come’s back to “find this b**ch!”Ithink their couls be countless funny scripts that came be created with humanity’s issues, The Pimp on the look out, etc. So I think its a great idea!

  4. We would LOVE to see an Idiocracy 2 but it would be lacking without the original cast. The original cast was brilliant. And we hope that a great team of writers does justice to the enterprise.

  5. Troy CHitwood says:

    I would like to see some webisodes of the history of the world in the 500 years that we missed. Fudruckers. lol. Love it.

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