Slice of SciFi #487: Thank You, HBO!

Mike, Brian, Sam, Bret, Meghan and Noah respond to your questions and comments, and remember, there could be SPOILERS at any moment!

Foot Fetish Fun, Rocket Raccoon and Bullwinkle, Muppet Make Over, Sam’s a Nerd, Sleepy Hollow needs Hulk, Music Composer cry-babies, Betamax and VHS were a bargain, Star Trek has Ridges, Summer of 82, who’s got 70mm? “The Silent City” web series, Geek Moment: Family Affair, Sex on a Stick, Thank You HBO, Anne Hathaway on a pedestal, Please — no video calls from the bathroom, Mike loves Fricken Frogs…

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  1. tensaibaka says

    Guys guys guys, as somebody that lives in Japan right now, I can tell you for a fact that movies on DVD right now are NOT 80USD a pop here. Maybe a brand new BluRay, but even with the currency exchange rates, you’ll find the more expensive movies to be around 50USD. New releases are at most 45USD, and in the bargain bins you can find some of the older movies for around 15USD. I picked up Ghostbusters 2 from a bargain bin a few weeks ago (new) for about 7USD (500JPY).

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