Nichols Joins Stephen King Adaptation

Actress Rachel Nichols is in talks to join Justin Long in the big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s The Ten O’Clock People.

Directed by Tom Holland, the film is based on a King short story that appears in his Nightmares and Dreamscapes collection.

The story centers on a man who, when attempting to kick his smoking habit, has his eyes opened to a frightening reality in which many people in authority are monsters. He joins a group of others like him called the Ten O’Clock People.

Nichols would play a woman who, like the man, can see a horrible aspect of reality, hidden in plain sight.


  1. Dan Vzare says

    “a frightening reality in which many people in authority are monsters” You do realize that this isn’t fiction, right? It’s true, well, metaphorically speaking of course.

  2. KGDC says

    I know it’s been mentioned on the voicemail show, but she stars in the Canadian show “Continuum”… and I 100% approve of this show.

  3. Bryant Burnette says

    I wish I could get excited about this movie, but I can’t. Tom Holland directed “Thinner” and “The Langoliers,” two of THE worst Stephen King movies. Oh well, maybe third time’s the charm.

    I’m a Rachel Nichols fan, so that certainly helps.

  4. Ike says

    I’m excited to see more of Kings short stories adapted to the big screen, but didn’t John Carpenter already do this movie, more or less…it was a little ditty called ‘They Live’.

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