Slice of SciFi #480: Chabot Space & Science Summer Movie Series

Today, the crew talks about: Magneto goes Euro in the next film, John Scalzi makes a Human Divide happen weekly, Slice’s new casting process, Nine Inch Nails does video game soundtrack, Multiverse News, Clone Wars, Flight Test Land: Alcohol Aircraft and a Rolls Royce Lego Engine, another Justice League blow off, Supernatural refocuses direction, more Eureka mourning.

Interview: Today’s guest is Alex Zwissler, Executive Director and CEO of the Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland CA. He joins us to talk about their Summer Movie Series (imagine watching The Fifth Element or Inception on their huge screen!), and about Bill Nye’s Climate Lab Exhibit.

Link: Summer Movie Series: Chabot Space & Science Center
Link: Bill Nye’s Climate Lab: Chabot Space & Science Center

Listener Feedback: Whenever you have questions or comments on anything we say or do, Call Us! Tell us we’re gods for bringing a bright spot to your mind-numbing day, or tell us we’re idiots for getting it wrong — either way, let us know.

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  1. YoLithos says

    My country and, therefor I, is not good enough to be allowed to watch episode #480. Pity. I actually had recommended Slice to several opinion-makers here. That included someone who brought D&D to Rio in the 1980’s, and has been in the computer and boardgames business since then. I believe they, like I, … will not be amused. Bye.

    • says

      Alas, YouTube applies completely random restrictions to our videos whenever they feel like it, without rhyme or reason. We have not yet figured out how to get them to be consistent with our ratings.

      However, the audio is still open to all comers.