Slice of SciFi #469: Canadian Scifi Rocks the World

Another glorious Listener Feedback show! A Day of Slice of SciFi Feedback is like a day on the farm! Mike, Brian, Bret, Tim and Trouble respond to your questions and comments, and remember, there could be SPOILERS at any moment!

Entertainment conundrum: watch Slice live or listen recorded later? Decisions, decisions! 3D Colonoscopy, Doc from Des Moines heads to Sudan to help with refugee aid; Canadian scifi programming still rocks harder than anyone; Kwisatch Haderach toddlers running around; Slice of SciFi action figures; Bionic Geek recommends the score for TRON: Legacy; Prometheus disappointment;

Comments on the trailer for new JJ Abrams “Revolutions”; Skiznot’s in for a few surprises, Tim from Babylon Podcast enjoyed the 3D presentation of Prometheus, at least; new reality show concept: When Siblings Attack! ; Lost Girl S3 pushed to Jan 2013; more on BBC’s 3D Radio; RapidEye gives props to Casper Van Dien; is 2012 just a repeat of 1979?

Listener Feedback: Whenever you have questions or comments on anything we say or do, Call Us! Tell us we’re gods for bringing a bright spot to your mind-numbing day, or tell us we’re idiots for getting it wrong — either way, let us know.

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  1. says

    As a followup to the message about “The Listener” still airing in Canada, during it’s REALLY short US run, we talked with series star Craig Olejnik and producer Christina Jennings way back in Slice of SciFi Show #227

    I wish I could get S2 and S3… I was happy to find out that the show was still continuing in Canada, and annoyed that I had no way to watch it.