“Game of Thrones” Nudity Explained

Ever wonder why there’s so much nudity on Game of Thrones?  We are, after all, talking about a show that one critic coined the term “sexposition” to describe certain scenes in the show.

Director Neil Marshall says that the directive to have “full frontal nudity” comes from the show’s creative team.

“The weirdest part [of directing Game of Thrones] was when you have one of the exec producers leaning over your shoulder, going, ‘You can go full frontal, you know. This is television, you can do whatever you want! And do it! I urge you to do it!’ So I was like, ‘Okay, well, you’re the boss,'” he tells ScreenCrush. “This particular exec took me to one side and said, ‘Look, I represent the pervert side of the audience, okay? Everybody else is the serious drama side, [but] I represent the perv side of the audience, and I’m saying I want full frontal nudity in this scene.’ So you go ahead and do it.”


  1. says

    There’s nothing perverted about full frontal nudity, otherwise museums would have R ratings. Thrones does have perversion but it would be perversion with or without the nudity.

  2. ALibertarian says

    My wife and I (age ~60) love the show but our son (age 23) will not watch with us. He watches on his own and then we all talk about it for hours. He’s just not comfortable sitting there with us while Jamie is pounding his sister.

    Same issue with True Blood and Spartacus. It is just uncomfortable for all of us.

    Then we watch Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Jekyll (BBC), etc. and the drama is just as good but we can all watch together.

    Any of these shows, if done on Starz or HBO would probably be full of sex. Obviously they don’t NEED the sex to be compelling and quality drama.

    To quote a famous Chaos Threorist “Just because you can, doensn’t mean you should.” – Ian Malcolm

    • James says

      I do agree that there is a lot of sex scenes in the show. But nothing to the books. Don’t criticize the show until you’ve read the books. The show is timid compared to the books. Just because it is visual doesn’t make it worse. That’s a simple minded way to look at it. You could not make these shows on any non-cable channel and follow the books as close are they are trying.

  3. says

    I’m fine with the show how it is but I can’t enjoy some episodes with my wife because she gets really disturbed by the violence. When we watched Blackwater I just told her to look away every time the hound was on the screen.

  4. Jake says

    If we are still worried about nudity and there are a bunch of racist comments on CNN’s website about Rodney King’s death. We haven’t traveled very far as a species.

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