Stallone Blames Super Hero Movies for Decrease In Action Films

If you’ve notice a shortage of action films at the local multiplex, you’re not alone.

Actor and director Sylvester Stallone says the number of action films has decreased in recent years and he thinks he knows why–super hero movies.

“This genre unfortunately is becoming … let’s just say it’s fading away,” Sly said of action cinema. “You have the superheroes today which are possessed with all extraordinary powers; they can blink and a fireball comes out of there. It’s great. And then you have a bunch of us which is just your basic male-pattern baldness. Kind of like hands-on action.”

Do you agree with Sly that super heroes are killing the action movie star?  Or is this just a trend that will someday reverse itself?


  1. Dan Vzare says

    I love action films, but it was more of an eighties thing, I mean how many action movie stars do you know… and did you realize that everyone you’ve just thought of started being action movie stars DURING the eighties.

    • Alverant says

      It reminds me of the classic James Bond movies. They were great for their time, now we’ve moved on and Bond had to re-invent itself to stay relevant.

  2. Alverant says

    Here’s another possibility. Maybe action movies haven’t been that good lately. Don’t blame the superhero movies for Bay-plosion movies. Action movies have been done so many times that you could get a “new to you” one each week for life just by subscribing to NetFlicks and browsing their library. The genre killed itself and has become the Duke Nukem Forever of movie genres.

  3. James Pace says

    Perhaps Stallone just wants more high quality action movies like his ever popular “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot”.(sarcasm intended)

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