Slice of SciFi #454: Games with Men in Black 3

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  1. Jerry says

    You can’t recommend Defying Gravity. It is cruel. To watch, to invest in the characters, then the cliff hanger, and nothing. Wish I had know that series was incomplete before I started. There will always be a hole in my space time continuum after watching the last disk.

  2. says

    Jerry: This has happened to so many great shows in the past – Firefly, Odyssey 5, SGU, The Finder, just to name a few. I look at it this way. If the show is really good – like Defying Gravity was, then I will commit to it & when the final unfinished seasons ends, I let my own imagination fill in the blanks. Sometime my ideas & conclusions are a lot better & more fun & ingenious then any Hollywood writer’s. I have never let a good show abruptly end. It always get’s closure in my head.