Stephen King Revisiting Creepy Clowns

No, it’s not a sequel to It.

But the king of horror is going back to clowns–and other creepy things at the carnival.

Stephen King revealed that he’s working on a novel called Joyland that will be a return to the “straight-up horror” of his early career.  According to interviewer Neil Gaiman, the novel will follow an amusement park serial killer.

And King adds that if for some reason he doesn’t finish it, his son Joe Hill  could complete the work.

“If I got hit by a taxi cab, like Margaret Mitchell … Joyland wouldn’t be done but [my son] Joe could finish it, in a breeze,” King said. “His style is almost indistinguishable from mine. His ideas are better than mine. Being around Joe is like being next to a Catherine Wheel throwing off sparks, all these ideas.”


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