Whedon Talks About “Cabin in the Woods”

Joss Whedon fans have been anticipating Cabin in the Woods for a while now.  After being stuck in limbo due to the financial issues over at MGM, the Whedon-produced and Drew-Goddard-directed film will finally hit theaters this Friday.

The film is full of tweaks to the horror and genre and there’s a twist ending that those who have seen the film are urging fans not to watch trailers, read reviews and see the film as soon as possible in order to not have it ruined.

Talking to USA Today, Whedon says the idea for the film came to him five years ago and that he worked with Goddard on the script that eventually became the final movie.

“We love all the sandboxes, but we are both particularly horror aficionados,” Whedon says. “So it was fun to really step into the hard horror that (made us) cover our eyes with glee as children.”

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