Slice of SciFi #431: Sci Fi Pornography

Today on Slice of SciFi: There’s a lot of anger going around–from a woman in South Carolina who’s mad at a local school teacher to Alan Moore who’s just mad at everyone.  Plus Peter Berg talks about why there are aliens in Battleship, which is just as sure to get the old rage-meter going.

Plus, Kurt tries to stump us with a truly diabolical new trivia segment, and we’ll get a con report!

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  1. Denis says

    Sam is no longer allowed to make any comments about comics.

    1. You can read Marvel comics on an iPad, it’s stupid!

    I read Marvel comics on my iPad all the time. It was one of the main reason I bought my iPad. I can read them using the Comixology Comics app or the Marvel app, which was created by Comixology. It’s basically the same app. And it’s the best app to read comics on any device.

    She mentioned something about the subscription service. That was a failed experiment by Marvel. The subscription service was released by Marvel long before any other big comics company made comics available online. But with the subscription service, you could not download comics on your PC/Mac/etc. You could only read the comics online and the comics available was limited.

    So when Comixology released their Comics app for the iPhone/iPad, Marvel basically switched to selling comics using their app. DC Comics, Image, Boom, Dynamite, Vertigo all use the Comixology Comics app. Only Darkhorse does not have comics available to purchase on the Comixology App, they have their own app which was also developed by Comixology.

    Is the Marvel subscription service still up? I guess it is but I don’t think anybody serious about comics uses it.

    But this is old news. Talking about the Marvel subscription service is like talking about myspace.

    2. Nick Cage on Punisher 2.

    Need I say more.

  2. says

    Wow. Really? You know you could have distilled that whole paragraph down to something as simple as “the app has changed and improved, you should try it again”.