“Dark Shadows” Trailer

The first trailer for the Tim Burton directed, Johnny Depp starring reboot of Dark Shadows has been released.


  1. sean from edwards says

    Ok I actually enjoyed that a lot, I think I may actually want to see this one. And Eva Green blonde, hello nurse!

    • says

      Because you watched it in the same universe as the rest of us?

      Seriously, I think Tim Burton can do something with this interpretation that could work as a successful film. But it got our expectations going in a certain direction by calling it “Dark Shadows” and by having the main character be Barnabas Collins.

      If they don’t so some serious marketing ahead of time with this, a lot of people are going to go see this movie thinking it’ll be in the same tone as the original, and they will be livid pissed.

  2. Mich67 says

    lol is Johnny Depp in every Tim Burton movie? Anyway may not be the same tone as the original but it does look like a lot of fun.

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