TV Site Predicts Cancellation For “Fringe,” “Alcatraz” and “Terra Nova”

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It’s that time of year when TV experts are predicting the future for some of our favorite shows.

Some of them are already a lock for another season while others futures aren’t quite as clear.  Among those are Fox’s series Fringe, Alcatraz and Terra Nova.

TV by the Numbers‘ Robert Seidman says the outlook for all three is bleak. Seidman believes all three will be cancelled by Fox in the coming weeks.

Seidman says that while Alcatraz started strong, it’s lost viewers each week of its five week run.  That could spell the end for the series.

He also says it’s likely that Fringe will end with its fourth season.   Some have argued Fox may give it a fifth season to get the series close to 100 episodes for syndication purposes.

“Could what happened last year happen again? Sure it could,” Seidman said. “But last year, even though we got it wrong it was easy to make a case for renewal based on the conventional wisdom of studios discounting shows to get to enough episodes for syndication. Fringe will have enough episodes after the current season though. If it’s renewed it will be anything but conventional. But because it’s Fringe it’s merely a likely cancellation rather than a certain cancellation.”

As for Terra Nova, Seidmman predicts the high price tag for the episodes may be the death knell for that series.   However, the glimmer of hope comes from the fact that episodes for Terra Nova have pulled bigger numbers than Alcatraz the past two weeks.


  1. Oh, come on… I’m just starting to really like Alcatraz. Figures.

  2. Don’t watch Alcatraz but I watch both Terra Nova and Fringe. Would hate to see either of them go. Wish that they could get picked up by another network if it does happen. Of course I thought some were predicting earlier that if Alcatraz failed that Fringe and Terra Nova would have a better shot of being renewed.

  3. Since they are all crap, good.

  4. Unfortunately, I’m finding Alcatraz less interesting by the episode. I’d like to see it turn around, I haven’t given up on it, but they’re making it really hard to care about.

    Terra Nova – Meh. It really needs to pick up the pace and give me a character I care about. I’m ok if this drops off.

    Fringe – Are they stupid?!? Arguably the best show on tv. The only shows that compete with in terms of characterization and writing are The Walking Dead and Justified, imho. I do applaud FOX for giving us four seasons, but I’m still deparately holding out hope for five.

  5. Woohoo cancel em all, that way we can have american idol on ALL 5 days a week, oh wait i hate that show, oh well there went the last 2 reasons to watch fox, how do you lock a channel out of the cable box again? oh yeah, buhbye…

  6. seems silly to think that history repeats itself but it does. FRINGE is basically the new X-FILES and that show was a huge success, and really…….. another prison break show, there was already a prison break show called prison break i think. is it supposed to be different because its on alcatraz island ooooohh. and honestly if fox dumps terra nova and fringe i hope it gets picked up by the SPACE channel where they have adoring fans or even showcase

    • Michelle says:

      Have you even watched Alcatraz? It is not a show about breaking out prison, it is a show about hundreds of prisoners and guards that disappeared in 1963 and have started reappearing 50 years later without having aged. If your going to write an opinion at least educate yourself on the material!!!!

  7. I liked Alcatraz but after three episodes it already felt old and boring. I stopped recording it after episode 5.

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