“Oz” Being Sent to Vault

Warner Brothers is sending The Wizard of Oz to its vaults.

The studio will cease distribution of the film on DVD and Blu-Ray starting May 1.   The film will be out of circulation under the fourth quarter of next year when the studio begins its 75th anniversary celebration.

The The Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary Edition 2-Disc DVD will be available until October. After that, no more yellow brick road.

“2013 will see the re-launching of The Wizard of Oz franchise in a multi-platform, unprecedented rollout that will include new and restored formats with major sponsorships and branding, as well as massive media support,” said Jeff Baker, Warner Home Video’ss executive vice president for the  theatrical catalog. “We expect 90% – 95% consumer awareness, with a kickoff event consistent with only a handful of titles that are considered the crown jewels of our WB library.”

WHV stated that the 70th anniversary home edition sold more than 2 million units.


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