Are the Watchmen Prequels a Good Idea?

Alan Moore hates the idea.  But DC is moving forward with a Watchmen prequel series.

Simple question–is it a good idea?  You can elaborate in the comments section.

Do you think the Watchmen prequels are a good idea?

  • No (71% | 99 Votes)
  • Yes (29% | 40 Votes)

Total Votes: 139


  1. Chavalier says

    Looks like someone trying to milk the cash cow. The original story was brilliant and self-contained, just leave it be.

  2. says

    I wonder if there will be any noticeable backlash for DC. As a fan of Watchmen I won’t support prequels but I wonder how the big picture will play out.

  3. jsbigman says

    The characters from Watchmen were taken from archetypes in DC comics and used to look at them in a very different light. I think there is much more room to look at these characters and tell relevant, timely stories today. I love Watchmen as much if not more then the next person but I say let’s see what we can do with the characters. What if Bob Kane had said “I’ve told the Batman story. Let it be.”

  4. says

    I can see both sides for this one. Alan Moore believes he told the only story he wanted to with those characters and that world.

    But the world he created was much bigger than that moment, and I cannot fault creative and curious storytellers (writers & artists) from wanting to tell the stories they were inspired to dream up because of Alan’s work.

    Sure, there’s probably a cashflow factor as motivation for some, but if it’s done well, and I enjoy it, I don’t see a downside.

    For instance, I was terrified they would screw up X-Men: First Class, from the day they announced and all throughout production. I was happy for more X-Men, but worried that it might turn out poorly. I don’t think I’d been so happy in years as the day me and my friend left the theater after seeing the sneak preview… that was a wonderful example of it being done right (the fact that my friend had already planned to see it again with some of his Army buddies was another good sign).

    Whether or not a Watchmen prequel comic could achieve the same heights, we’ll just have to see… and praise or vilify accordingly after we’ve seen the end results :)

  5. says

    Batman was always meant to be a serial, X-men also. Watchmen was meant to be a stand alone and it stands alone just fine. Moore could have written Watchmen with the intention of handing off the characters at some point but he didn’t. As nutjob as he is, his story has it’s own integrity and shoe-horning more content into his universe shows a complete disregard for the source material. In essence Rorschach written by someone else is not Rorschach. A bad idea executed well is still a bad idea.

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