Amazon Considers Retail Outlet

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Amazon is already one of the biggest shopping sites on the Internet.  Could that success translate over into brick and mortar stores?

It appears Amazon is willing to give it a try.

Amazon will open a test store in Seattle to sell Kindles and e-books.

According to Goodereader, the store would be  a boutique shop and only stock “high margin and high-end items.” It would open this fall. Items would probably include those that regularly top its sales lists.

Amazon reportedly would like to find a way for consumers to get their hands on and test their popular e-reader devices.

If the store is a success, it could expand to other regions.


  1. If they ruin my sales-tax free purchasing to put a “boutique” store in my state I will be fairly unhappy.

  2. While the implication is that as soon as they start selling in states the online tax-free aspect will suddenly disappear is a possibility, I find it humorous that they think opening a store where typically high-priced “high-end” items will be sold exclusively will not collapse under the weight of its own overhead.

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