Crackle Comes to X-Box

Streaming station Crackle is coming to the X-Box. And it will allow users with a Kinnect to surf the listings using voice command.

The streaming station is operated by Sony and features 200 movies from the broad range of Sony Pictures properties like Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, etc, in addition to 1500 TV episodes.   The service is free but to access it, you’ll need an X-Box gold subscription.

The service is monetized through ads, much in the same vein as Hulu. On the Xbox 360, users will be able to use their voice to search for a movie (e.g., “Xbox, Play ‘Talladega Nights'”) in addition to using the standard voice controls for pausing, playing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding through the video.

“Our partnership with Crackle marks a significant milestone in our vision to bring you all the film and TV entertainment you want, shared with the people you care about, made easy. By bringing Crackle to the Xbox Live service and adding the magic of Kinect, we are transforming the way consumers experience entertainment forever,” said Xbox Live general manager Pete Thompson.

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