McCoy Wants to Return to “Doctor Who”

The seventh Doctor is looking to make a return for the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who. But if it were up to Sylvester McCoy, he wouldn’t reprise the role in his familiar sweater and question mark umbrella. He’d do it as a villain.

“Someone suggested something which I really liked,” McCoy tells Shadowlocked, ”which was they should get all the old Doctor Who actors to play other characters. I think that would be huge fun. I had this sudden image of my character, an evil monstrous one who you didn’t quite know who it was, about to kill the Doctor!”

If you’re familiar with the seventh Doctor’s era and character, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that the seventh Doctor could be an antagonist for the anniversary special.

McCoy added that he’s eager and willing to return in whatever capacity is necessary to help the show celebrate fifty years.

And that isn’t the only actor associated with the McCoy era who would like to return to the Who-niverse.  Actress Sophie Aldred, who played Ace during much of the seventh Doctor’s tenure, says that producer Russell T. Davies had approached her about returning to the spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures.  However, that plan won’t happen due to the death of Elisabeth Sladen.

However, Aldred says she’s still open to reprising the r0le of Ace.

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