Slice of SciFi #399: A Conversation with Victoria Paege

Victoria Paege

We’re just one episode away from our 400th installment!  And we’ve got a great interview with Victoria Paege on this week’s show.  

Link: Victoria Paege 
Facebook: Victoria Paege

Here’s a bit about what Victoria’s got on the horizon:

The movies that I have worked on that should be coming out this year:
Here is the biggest one (and one I am most proud of at the moment)– A Man Called Nereus. I play Huichanna, the Mayan Queen.

I was also in Camp 139– a horror flick , I play Hailey, one of the main characters

I am also filming in the independent horror film Terror 66, produced by the Blood Brothers.  I will finish filming that this year.

I am just joined the radio show, Men With No Lives which is on every Saturday on Live Stream and blogtalkradio.
It’s a pretty vulgar show but we have a lot of fun.

I don’t know if I can announce this yet or not — I’ll ask tonight, but I am also going to be hosting/interviewing and promoting for this years Saboten con!!!  I was just asked by the organizer this week.  I am going to have more, new ANIME themed cosplay costumes for this one too which I can’t wait for!

I also just announced a new character I am going to debut at the Amazing Arizona Con, which is this weekend from January 6-8th.  The Character is for Big Dog Incs Legends of Oz series.  I am playing Dorothy Gale, a steam-punkesque Dorothy.

We’ve also got our weekly check in from the multiverse and a bit of news for you.

We’ll see you Friday with our listener feedback show…which by the way is our 400th episode.  Did we mention that part yet?

Listener comments: If you have questions or comments on any news items or scifi projects, or topics that are relevant to our favorite entertainment genre, Call our show and ask!

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