Grade the Mid-Season “Walking Dead” Finale

Tell us your thoughts on the mid-season finale for The Walking Dead.

Please note:  Keep the SPOILER material to episodes of the series only that have aired through Sunday.   Any SPOILERS for events in upcoming issues of the comic book series will be deleted!

Grade the mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead"

  • A -- Is it February yet?!? (52% | 90 Votes)
  • B -- It was pretty good. (21% | 36 Votes)
  • Don't SPOIL it! I haven't seen it yet! (10% | 17 Votes)
  • D -- It was OK, but I wasn't blown away by it. (9% | 15 Votes)
  • C -- It was OK. (5% | 8 Votes)
  • F -- I won't be back! (3% | 6 Votes)

Total Votes: 172



  1. says

    Season two was amazing writing. Mid season finale was artistically satisfying but still sad. Powerful tragedy that you don’t usually get from zombie films.

  2. krazeytrucker says

    So glad they kept Shane around instead of killing him off like in the book. He adds great tension to the show.

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