Slice of SciFi #376: Kari Byron on “Large Dangerous Rocket Ships”

Images: Science Channel

Welcome to the mid-week installment of Slice of SciFi!   This week, we’ve got a conversation with Kari Byron, host of Large Dangerous Rocket Ships on the Science Channel!

This Halloween weekend, SCIENCE combines backyard ingenuity, rocket fuel and a taste for danger to form the explosive special, LARGE DANGEROUS ROCKET SHIPS. Considered the “Super Bowl of Rocketry,” LDRS (as it’s known to insiders) is the U.S.’ largest competitive rocket launching event drawing rocket enthusiasts and competitors from as far away as Australia. In this second annual world premiere special, SCIENCE takes viewers inside the competition to witness the personalities, rivalries, and backyard genius that makes LDRS such a blast to watch.

As part of the popular SCI SPORTS franchise, LDRS joins the ranks of one-of-a-kind, extreme engineering events including PUNKIN CHUNKIN, KILLER ROBOTS and FLYING ANVILS. LDRS premieres on SCIENCE on Friday, October 30, at 10 PM (ET/PT).

Hosted by Kari Byron of MYTHBUSTERS, LDRS takes viewers to Argonia, Kansas, where rocket enthusiasts compete in the Olympic event of jet propulsion. These hardcore amateur builders use anything and everything to construct their homemade, hand-designed flying creations — from a full size tiki hut bar, to a vacuum cleaner, to a mannequin. LDRS opens a door into the unconventional subculture of extreme rocketry as teams of contestants battle to have the fastest, highest-flying invention. Some rockets travel faster than a F-16 fighter jet as they climb tens of thousands of feet in the air. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has banned all air travel within an 8-mile radius of the event, allowing each spectacular launch to safely light up the sky and fire up the crowd.

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