No “X-Men 4″ In the Immediate Future

With X-Men: First Class revitalizing the mutant franchise, can we expect to see a fourth installment of the X-Men series in our future?

Probably not for a while says producer Lauren Shuler Donner.  While doing publicity for the DVD and Blu-Ray release of First Class, Donner says she’d like to do a fourth X-Men, but that probably won’t happen for a while.

“In the future—way in the future—would I like to do an X-Men 4? I would, but again there’s no reason to saturate the market. So I would say no—I’m happy with what I’m doing right now,” she tells Popcorn Biz.

But that doesn’t mean the franchise will rest.  We could see a sequel to First Class.

“For now we’re talking internally about the possibility of having another First Class, following our characters. We’re talking about doing them, but we’re just in discussions now,” she says.

And, of course, there are big-screen projects with Deadpool and Wolverine in development.  Part of their journey to the big-screen will depend on the availability of their lead actors.

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