Slice of SciFi #364: “Eureka” Roundtable with Colin Ferguson, Jamie Paglia and Bruce Miller

This week, we’ve got a treat for Eureka fans (and if you’re not, you should be one!).  We’ve got a roundtable with Colin Ferguson, who plays Jack Carter, and producers Jamie Paglia and Bruce Miller.  If you like what you hear in this sample, head on over to the Slice of SciFi web site for a longer interview and roundtable discussion about the rest of season four, some hints about season five and some thoughts on the end of Eureka.

Listener comments: If you have questions or comments on any news items or scifi projects, or topics that are relevant to our favorite entertainment genre, Call our show and ask!

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  1. Amy Heilmann says

    I can’t find the rest of the interview for episode #364 in fact I don’t seem to be able to find much of anything on the webpage when in show someone says it will be here on the page.

    • says

      The rest of the conversation is online now, and you can click the link in the “Featured Show” section at the top of the sidebar, just under the alien hand, and also click on the image for it in the featured slideshow.

      The news items here on the site are broken down by categories on the front page; TV, Movies, Comics, Gaming, Science & Tech, Online Entertainment, and a fun user poll every week. You can also select the major news categories from the links in the lower navbar, right under the “Slice of SciFi” banner at the top of the page.

      The link “Contests” in the lower navbar will always show you a list of active contests or giveaways we’re running. The link “Slice of SciFi Shows” in the lower navbar will always take you to the list of Slice archives, every show we’ve ever done back to the very first. Almost all of those are online for you to listen to or download.

      We had thought about making archive feeds for people to be able to subscribe to older shows and download them as separate podcast feeds, just like we do over at Babylon Podcast (the ultimate in Babylon 5 geeking), but there hasn’t been call for such from Slice listeners and fans.

      You can also leave a comment in the show you’ve listened to, asking where something mentioned in the show might be if you can’t find it, or use the contact form to send in a question about it.

      The site gets better when we get feedback from the folks who visit and use it the most… so don’t hesitate to ask about something! :)