Mulgrew Says There Should Be a “Voyager” Movie

While we’re waiting for the next installment in the rebooted Star Trek franchise, actress Kate Mulgrew says maybe another Trek crew should get the silver screen chance.  Mulgrew says she thinks the series could benefit from a Voyager movie.

“They’ve worked long and hard for the past few years on the prequel notion. But I think they should go on and develop what happens to the characters after Voyager landed. In a movie.” she tells the Daily Dragon.

The novels have been keeping up with what happened after the end of Voyager, but that doesn’t mean a movie couldn’t come along and wipe out that continuity.



  1. Sean From Edwards says

    Why, Voyager, IMHO was one of the weakest treks to date, and honestly, why the main story wrapped as soon as they reached earth. Heck most of the crew were probably either immediately promoted out to new posts, or in the case of the Macquis (sp?) characters arrested for past crimes, or at least forced to stand trial, with their time served aboard the Voyager taken into consideration. Heck, Janeway was promoted to freaking Admiral above Picard in the last original timeline movie. Go out and get another job Kate, and stop living in the past, give a new crew a try.

  2. Sam says

    When you really think about it, the Enterprise-D Trek timeline ended with Picard going into the Nexus. Ulike Guinan, Picard wasn’t pulled out by a transporter beam during a time/phase shift, he only thought about leaving, which, as Guinan asked “where would you go?” Why, because in the Nexus “you can go to anyplace and any time” line, however, you are still in the Nexus and will always be, unless somehow you begin to phase and can be beamed out (not thought out). Therefore, everything that has happened from Picard’s entering the Nexus til now in that timeline is one created by the imagination of Picard, although he sees it as a continuation of his pre-Nexus life. A really good film would be centered on Picard coming to the realization that his entire past from Nexus day has been a mental fabrication and everyone he knew aboard the Enterprise died when the Viridan Solar System was destroyed by the imploding star.

    An actor of Stewart’s quality is up to the task of relaying all the emotions one might experience as the truth becomes evident to him and then how would he deal with life in the Nexus after that enlightenment? I have always wanted to see a movie that dealt with that aspect of the Trek-verse.

  3. Mich67 says

    meh…not too interested in Voyager…Mulgrew has a new job on Warehouse 13 at least for now anyway. I like the direction they’ve gone with the new Trek…I wouldn’t want to see them overdo it by throwing too many Treks out there…would be overkill. Might get a backlash that could hurt the new reboot.

  4. says

    TV Movie maybe but Voyager is a little too esoteric for a theater release. It would take some stellar writing to make a reunion show compelling. The story could be written from the perspective of Miral and Naomi seeking out the crew for some reason.

  5. startrekmom says

    I think that it is too late for a motion picture of any of the past crews, but they could still use the characters in a current-timeline Star Trek movie. I think the reason they ended Voyager the way they did is because they knew they were being canceled and wanted to give the viewers some closure. It would be interesting to know how the lives of the characters we know from the many series have changed due to the movie reboot.

  6. Kyle Nin says

    Didn’t Voyager get home at the end of the series? How exactly would they make a movie after that? I’d much rather see an “Enterprise” movie (since it got canceled), but even that might be wishful thinking at this point.

    I guess the only Trek to look forward to is the J.J. Abrams movie series, which puts out a movie every four to five years, unfortunately. “Star Trek” was meant to be for TV. You shouldn’t have to wait for something for nearly a half a decade when you could easily get nearly the same thing every few weeks.

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