Slice of SciFi #336: News and Trivia

It’s Monday, Monday, gotta get news on Monday…

If you’ve heard SPOILERS for A Dance With Dragons, they may be true.  Blame the Germans!  Also, will Zombieland 2 still happen?  All that plus Kurt is back with more trivia to stump you!

Listener comments: If you have questions or comments on any news items or scifi projects, or topics that are relevant to our favorite entertainment genre, Call our show and ask! You can leave your message at 206-339-TREK, and if your questions are brief and clear, or if your comments are fall-down funny, you just might hear them on the show!

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      Blip is for folks whose bandwidth can handle higher definition video, Ustream is for folks whose bandwidth can’t quite process the higher resolution video. That’s why the Ustream option is embedded here.

      I should probably clarify that difference on the “Watch Live” page :)

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